25-HydroxyVitamin D3

Product name:25-Hydroxyvitamin D3 (Calcifediol), metabolite of vitamin D3

Alternative names:Calcifediol

Purity:> 98%

CAS Number:19356-17-3

Chemical structure

Chemical name


Results: COVID-19 patients with deficient (<20 ng/mL) levels of 25-OH-D3 had significantly longer LOS by 15.3 days. COVID-19 P patients with deficient (<20 ng/mL) and insufficient (<30 ng/mL) of tD had significantly longer LOS by 12.1 and 8.2 days, respectively. Patients with insufficient levels of tD had significantly longer LOS by 13.7 days. COVID-19 patients with deficient serum 25-OH-D3 levels had significantly increased risk-adjusted odds of in-hospital mortality (OR [95% CI]: 5.29 [1.53-18.24]); those with insufficient 25-OH-D3 had significantly increased risk for requiring ventilation during hospitalization was found at LCMS insufficient cutoff (OR [95% CI]: 2.75 [1.10-6.90]).

Conclusions: There is an inverse relationship of 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels and hospital LOS for COVID-19 patients. Vitamin D status is a predictor for severity of outcomes. LCMS results are useful for assessing the odds of mortality and the need for ventilation during hospitalization.