Sodium Tetrahydrojasmonate(Methyl Dihydrojasmonate)

Sodium Tetrahydrojasmonate(Methyl Dihydrojasmonate)


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CAS No.: 24851-98-7

Molecular Formula: C13H22O3

Formula Weight: 226.31

Appearance: pale straw yellow to yellow transparent oily liquid


Abrasive Agent

An abrasive agent removes materials from many body surfaces or helps for the mechanical teeth cleaning or enhances gloss.

Skin Conditioning Agent

What is Sodium Tetrahydrojasmonate?

Sodium Tetrahydrojasmonate functions in skincare and cosmetics as a/an abrasive exfoliating, moisturizing ingredient.

Sodium Tetrahydrojasmonate is a rare cosmetic ingredient, with about 0.02% of the products in our database containing it.


Description About Sodium Tetrahydrojasmonate(Methyl Dihydrojasmonate)

Sodium tetrahydrojasmonate is plant extract. In cosmetics and personal care it is used for skin conditioning purposes, as an abrasive to remove materials from many body surfaces. It is also used for the mechanical teeth cleaning to enhance gloss. Mainly used for advanced perfume formula, has been widely used in cosmetics fragrance formula. Its chemical performance is stable, has the advantage that the discoloration, often used for modulation jasmine, lily of the valley, the breeze and Oriental essence formula, can make the essence to produce elegant, vivid natural kind of flowers. Used in cosmetics; Can also be used for food.