CAS No: 124-20-9

Molecular Formula:C7H19N3

Molecular Weight:145.25

Spermidine inhibits NOS1 (nNOS). Spermidine binds and precipitates DNA and may be used for purification of DNA binding proteins. Spermidine activates PNK (polynucleotide kinase T4). Spermidine binds to and activates NMDA and has been shown to potentiate NMDA-induced currents in a concentration-dependent manner.

Spermidine preserves mitochondrial function, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, and prevents stem cell senescence. Mechanistically, it shares the molecular pathways engaged by other caloric restriction mimetics: It induces protein deacetylation and depends on functional autophagy. Because spermidine is already present in daily human nutrition, clinical trials aiming at increasing the uptake of this polyamine appear feasible.

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