April 22.2024

Epitalon ( Epithalon )

The anti-aging market has been growing significantly over the years, driven by a variety of factors including increased consumer awareness, technological advancements, rising disposable incomes, and aging populations in many parts of the world.

Against this background, Botanicure has become a company dedicated to anti-aging technology. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions, covering basic research, formulation design, efficacy verification and marketing promotion of natural supplements. We focus on the fields of anti-aging, weight management and body shaping, and strive to create effective and reliable products and services through scientific methods and innovative technologies.


Recently, researchers discovered a new potential anti-aging ingredient, Epitalon ( Epithalon ). 

Epitalon is a synthetic short peptide that has been shown to protect mouse oocytes from postovulatory aging-related damage in vitro. Key findings include that Epitalon can reduce intracellular reactive oxygen species, reduce spindle defects and abnormal distribution of cortical granules, increase mitochondrial membrane potential and mitochondrial DNA copy number, and alleviate DNA damage and apoptosis in aging oocytes. Studies have shown that Epitalon can delay the aging process of oocytes in vitro and reduce DNA damage and apoptosis of aging oocytes by regulating mitochondrial activity and ROS levels.


AEDG peptide has been shown to modulate the function of the pineal gland, retina, and brain, extend lifespan, and induce neuronal cell differentiation. The study found that AEDG peptide increased the synthesis and mRNA expression of neurogenic differentiation markers in hGMSC and showed that the peptide binds to histones to regulate gene transcription. This study is important because it reveals potential epigenetic regulation of neuronal differentiation by short peptides such as AEDG

The importance of AEDG peptide in stem cells lies in its ability to promote neurons by upregulating the expression of neurogenic differentiation genes such as Nestin , GAP43, β-Tubulin III and Doublecortin in human stem cells, especially human gingival mesenchymal stem cells ( hGMSC ). differentiation. This peptide has been shown to affect gene expression and protein synthesis during neurogenesis, suggesting its potential role in regulating functional activity, proliferation, apoptosis, and differentiation of various cell types, including stem cells. Furthermore, AEDG peptide has been shown to extend lifespan and increase telomere length in animal models, suggesting its potential therapeutic application in age-related diseases.


Epitalon Benefits that can be brought to people

1) Extend lifespan by extending the telomeres of human cells

2) Delay and prevent age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and dementia

3) Acts as an antioxidant , improves skin health and appearance , and heals injured and deteriorated muscle cells by reducing lipid oxidation and ROS (reactive oxygen species) and normalizing T cell function

4) Restores and normalizes melatonin levels in people who have lost part of their pineal gland function due to aging , promoting deeper sleep

5) Epigenetic regulation of neuronal differentiation gene expression and protein synthesis in human stem cells can enhance resistance to emotional stress.

In conclusion,Epitalon can increase the production of telomerase, thereby strengthening and lengthening telomeres, which means that Epitalon plays a vital role in slowing down the aging process, thereby extending human lifespan. It also helps regulate mood and acts as an antioxidant.

In addition to AEDG, other short peptides such as KE, AED and KED also have similar effects and can have very good synergy with our Longevity Quotient and Beauty Quotient brands of umbilical cord mesenchymal cell therapy. Botanicure is interested in cooperating with various research institutions to develop these pine cones. The corresponding uses of body peptides, especially the anti-aging effect based on epigenetic principles, and then realize the vision of collaborative development of Healthspan Oral Peptidomimetic therapeutics. 

In the current market environment, the updating and iteration of raw materials are developing rapidly. Botanicure always maintains keen insight, pays attention to and studies emerging new materials on the market, and explores their potential business prospects. We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and incorporating these scientifically proven new materials into our products and services to provide customers with more efficient and safer anti-aging solutions.



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