Senolytics and TCM

June 12.2024

Traditional Chinese Medicine "Qing (Clearing)" and Modern Senolytics


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the concept of "清 Qing (clearing)" is crucial, often used to describe the removal of heat, toxins, and waste from the body to maintain balance and health. With advancements in modern science, researchers have introduced the concept of senolytics, which focuses on removing senescent cells. This concept aligns with the TCM principle of "clearing." This article explores the integration of TCM "clearing" and modern senolytics and their significance in health maintenance.


The Concept of "Qing" in TCM


The principle of "Qing" in TCM stems from regulating and maintaining the body's internal environment. TCM posits that "turbid qi," toxins, and waste in the body hinder the normal flow of qi and blood, leading to various health issues. Therefore, clearing harmful substances through heat removal, detoxification, and bowel cleansing is a vital method in TCM to maintain health.


1. Clearing Heat and Detoxification: TCM uses herbs with heat-clearing and detoxifying properties, such as Coptis (Huang Lian), Scutellaria (Huang Qin), and Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Hua), to eliminate internal heat toxins and prevent inflammation and infection.

2. Detoxification and Bowel Cleansing: By using laxatives or dietary adjustments, TCM promotes bowel movement to expel waste from the body and maintain a healthy digestive system.

3. Phlegm and Dampness Removal: Herbs like Pinellia (Ban Xia) and Poria (Fu Ling) are used to clear phlegm and dampness from the body, ensuring the smooth flow of qi and blood and maintaining physical vitality.


Modern Senolytics Research


Senolytics is an emerging scientific field aimed at removing senescent cells from the body to improve health and delay aging. Senescent cells are those that have stopped dividing but have not died off. They secrete harmful substances, induce inflammation, and damage surrounding healthy cells, leading to a decline in tissue function.


1. Removing Senescent Cells: Senolytic drugs can selectively clear senescent cells, reducing their negative impact on surrounding tissues and improving overall health.

2. Anti-inflammatory Effects: By eliminating senescent cells, senolytics reduce chronic inflammation in the body, preventing inflammation-related diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

3. Promoting Regeneration: Scientists found that senolytics help restore the regenerative capacity of tissues, slow down the decline in organ function, and improve quality of life.



The integration of TCM "clearing" and modern senolytics offers new perspectives and methods for health management. By removing toxins and senescent cells, we can better maintain bodily balance, prevent diseases, and delay aging. As research progresses, this integration is expected to play a more significant role in the health field, bringing greater benefits to human health.

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