Nectandrin B

February 01.2024


Anti-aging has become an increasingly prominent topic in modern society. People are no longer solely pursuing longevity but placing greater emphasis on the concept of "healthy aging". With shifting consumer attitudes and heightened health awareness, anti-aging consciousness has become deeply ingrained, especially among younger demographics, whose demand for anti-aging solutions is steadily increasing.


The global trend of population aging continues to intensify, prompting "healthy aging" to emerge as a new focus in the consumer market. According to statistics, the global anti-aging market reached $216 billion in 2021, with a remarkable year-on-year growth rate of 11.1%. This data foretells significant future development potential in the anti-aging market, with market size expected to maintain rapid growth.


Against this backdrop, Botanicure has emerged as a company dedicated to anti-aging technology. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions to our clients, covering basic research on natural supplements, formulation design, efficacy validation, and marketing promotion, among other aspects. We focus on areas such as anti-aging, weight management, and body sculpting, striving to create effective and reliable products and services through scientific methods and innovative technologies.


In the current market environment, raw material updates and iterations are evolving rapidly. Botanicure always maintains keen insight, paying attention to and researching emerging new materials in the market, exploring their potential business prospects. We are dedicated to staying ahead and incorporating these scientifically validated new materials into our products and services, thereby providing customers with more efficient and safer anti-aging solutions.


Recently, our research has discovered a new potential anti-aging ingredient. Nectandrin B, a lignan compound extracted from nutmeg, has recently garnered attention from scientists due to new research indicating its significant potential to increase the lifespan of Drosophila. In 2023, researchers (Ji-Seon Ahn,et al., 2023) from the Korea Basic Science Institute, Jeonbuk National University Medical School, and Chung-Ang University provided compelling evidence that Nectandrin B (NecB), when administered, extended the lifespan of fruit flies by 42.6% compared to the control group, suggesting potential benefits for longevity.



Of particular interest to the researchers was NecB's remarkable reduction in intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels. Additionally, NecB exhibited improvements in age-related symptoms in aged flies, such as motor impairment, weight gain, eye degeneration, and neurodegeneration. These findings represent the most significant enhancement in lifespan observed in animal experiments to date, suggesting that NecB holds promise as a potential therapeutic agent for promoting longevity and addressing age-related degeneration.


The researchers emphasized the urgent need for further investigation into NecB, believing it to be crucial for advancing our understanding of the aging process and its potential application as a therapeutic agent for longevity and age-related ailments.


Moreover, other study (Hyun-Jin Jang,et al., 2019) shows that NecB treatment has shown in vitro free radical scavenging effects, reduction of cellular ROS levels, and elevation of antioxidant enzyme levels in aged human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs). Activation of the AMPK pathway by NecB resulted in decreased intracellular ROS levels, suggesting that NecB protects against cellular senescence by scavenging ROS through AMPK activation. These findings imply that NecB could potentially ameliorate age-related diseases and extend human lifespan.


We aim to enable every customer to achieve genuine "healthy aging" through our efforts. We aspire to ensure that they not only enjoy a fulfilling life but also possess robust physical health and a youthful mindset. We firmly believe that the power of science will lead us towards a brighter future. Botanicure is committed to standing at the forefront of anti-aging technology, providing customers with the most cutting-edge solutions.


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