Gingerenone A

March 26.2024

Gingerenone A

In the pursuit of eternal youth, there is a growing demand in the market for efficient and safe anti-aging products. Botanicure has always been at the forefront of this trend, dedicated to providing consumers with natural anti-aging solutions derived from nature. Recently, a novel natural ingredient extracted from ginger, Gingerenone A, heralds a significant breakthrough in the field of anti-aging.


Obesity and its complications are among the major health issues in today's society. In this regard, scientific research has revealed that Gingerenone A exhibits remarkable bioactivity; it can inhibit fat formation and lipid accumulation. This finding reveals its enormous potential in the field of anti-obesity treatment. Experimental results demonstrate that GA reduces mouse fat mass consistent with in vitro data, regulates fatty acid metabolism by activating AMPK[1], thereby slowing diet-induced obesity (DIO). Additionally, GA also shows an inhibitory effect on adipose tissue inflammation (ATI), further proving its potential as a candidate anti-obesity drug.



As we age, our cells undergo gradual aging, which is the fundamental cause of many age-related diseases. Encouragingly, researchers have found that Gingerenone A not only performs excellently in anti-obesity but also holds significant potential in anti-aging effects. Through studies on WI-38 human fibroblast cells, researchers discovered that Gingerenone A can selectively eliminate senescent cells without affecting normal cells  [2]. This unique mechanism suggests its crucial role in improving or even reversing the cellular aging process.


*Senolytic activity of gingerenone A

Gingerenone A emerges as a promising natural senolytic compound with distinct advantages over the more extensively studied D+Q (Dasatinib and Quercetin) combination. Its anti-inflammatory properties also hint at broader therapeutic potential in age-related inflammatory conditions. Originating from ginger, this compound may also enjoy greater public acceptance and offer cost and sustainability benefits. While D+Q has shown positive results in certain clinical trials, Gingerenone A's natural origin, safety profile, and potential for broader clinical utility make it a star molecule in the quest for anti-aging solutions.

Botanicure firmly believes that nature-based and scientifically proven principles are at the core of our new product development. Although Gingerenone A has not yet been widely used in the market, its powerful potential efficacy fills us with anticipation for its future. We believe that with further research, Gingerenone A will soon become an essential player in helping people achieve a healthy and youthful life.


Botanicure – Derived from nature, granting you health and youthfulness.


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